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Size:180 capsules

The gut and its impact on our physical and mental health has been underestimated for years. Only now do we begin to understand the enormous role it plays not only for the digestive function but also with regards to the immune system, weight management and metabolism.

With our team of practitioners & therapists, we have treated countless patients on gut health issues over the last 10 years. Therefore, we know first-hand that it is an ongoing challenge for both patients and healthcare professionals to find high-quality and effective supplements on the market.

Thus, we had set out to create our own probiotics for which two aspects were key – Quality & Science. We are proud that all our formulas are certified-organic, Made in Germany and come free of any fillers, additives or binders. When designing a probiotic formula, we are following a strictly scientific and study-based approach for selecting ingredients and bacteria strains.

One of the aspects that keeps lots of people puzzled: Why are some of us gaining weight faster despite not eating more than others?
The reason for this can be in the gut – different bacteria types can lead our gut to draw more or less calories from the food we consume. Therefore, our Body Plus probiotic includes 7 bacteria strains that increase amount of the bacteroides bacteria in our gut flora, which has been associated with weight loss in many scientific studies.

Kaya Biotics – A Treat For Your Gut.

– Christian Ziegert, CEO & Co-Founder Kaya Biotics


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