Restaurant Acknowledges Pay Gap By Charging Women Only 79% of Their Bills

October 25, 2021 0 Comments


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Women of New Hampshire: You’re in luck.

April 14 is Equal Pay Day — a day devoted to raising awareness of the pay gap between men and women — and one restaurant is making efforts to narrow the disparity. In response to the troubling statistic that women earn just 79 cents to every dollar a man earns, a New Hampshire restaurant called The Works is only charging women 79 cents to the dollar, or 79% of their total bills. (Men will pay full price.)

New Hampshire Public Radio reports that women who visit the chain’s locations in Concord, Keene, Portsmouth and Durham today will receive this cheeky 21% discount.

“It’s been a problem that’s been around for a really long time, decades I would say,” Don Brueggemann, manager of The Works in Concord, told NHPR. “And I think many of us thought it would kind of work itself out but it has been very persistent over the years. We’re feeling like this is a way to highlight that issue.”

Brueggeman is not too worried about the money he’ll lose during the day-long promotion.

“In terms of highlighting the issue, I think it’s a relatively inexpensive way to do that. It’s kind of a clever way, I think,” he said. “It brings it right to the fore in a way just the statistic does not.”

We think all restaurants should have this policy year-round … Taco Bell, are you listening?

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